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"Betsy Thorpe did an amazing job with the final edits for my book, Growing Up in Public. She is also delightful to work with and very sharp and professional. The book is much better for her work."

   -Devorah Heitner, Ph.D., Growing Up in Public, TarcherPerigee (PenguinRandomHouse), National Bestseller

"Betsy's line edits were brilliant. They crisped up passages I'd been looking at for so long on my own that my eyes were glazed over. Just as important, she respected my voice and didn't try to "change" my writing. Her comments, questions, and suggestions were aimed at pushing me to think—to refine, and clarify. Betsy can see the forest and the trees, and that's the kind of editor a writer needs. She has a razor-sharp mind and is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to doing so again in the future." 

    - Helen Black, novelist

"Betsy Thorpe gave focus to my novel. By her smart and delicate shift of plot emphasis, my novel fell into place. Her comments always made me think more deeply—and rewrite. When she recommended adding a new short chapter (involving much new research), I wasn’t sure I could do it, but it was exactly the right move. Her divining rod uncovers gaps small and large. I liked Betsy personally and appreciated from the beginning her way of working because she is natural, good-spirited, and direct. I constantly felt buoyed by her genuine curiosity and by her understanding of my novel’s story, my passion behind it. " 

   -Linda Orr, author of Prison Child: A Novel Based on the Jean Zay Family Story in 1940s, 1980s France, Professor Emerita of French, Duke      University, Guggenheim Fellow

"Betsy Thorpe is a genius at seeing the big picture.  She knows structure.  She knows plot.  She knows cause and effect.  In fact, she’s the best at this type of editing of anyone I know.  If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you’ll be amazed at what she sees.  You know how great it is to suffer from a malady and then find a physician who’s a good diagnostician?  Well, Betsy can skillfully diagnose any problems your manuscript has.  Not only that, she'll help you understand the problems in a way that makes sense, that will send you happily into your revision.  I highly recommend Betsy Thorpe.”

     - Judy Goldman, author of six books, most recently Together: A Memoir of a Marriage and a Medical Mishap, published by Nan A.                    Talese/Knopf Doubleday

"I thought I wrote a good book, my first, at least the first I finished. But it wasn't good enough. I knew that. I wrote and rewrote, but couldn't get where I wanted to go. Betsy Thorpe gave me a path. 

She helped eliminate the unnecessary. I lost people, and even chapters, and I miss them. But the story is much leaner, moves faster, and drives to the point I was trying to make.

Betsy is a superb editor for words, structure and ideas. 

Can't imagine anybody better."

    - Tom Sorensen, former sports columnist for "The Charlotte Observer"

"Betsy guided me through every aspect of publishing my debut novel: she’s a top-notch editor, a savvy query-letter reviewer, a fount of knowledge regarding the publishing industry, and to top it all off, she’s a genuinely warm and engaging person who I now consider a close friend. Her experience in all things literary is invaluable. I could not have written The Queen of Hearts without her assistance and support."

   - Kimmery Martin, author of The Queen of Hearts, Berkeley, 2018

"Betsy Thorpe is a gem. I consider it a lucky gift to myself that I found her in Charlotte. Her veteran experience in New York gives her smart, knowledgeable perspective, but it's her kindness, patience and humor I appreciated most. She catches all edits and poses great questions back at you, but never makes you feel stupid about anything you say (or write!) and appears endlessly accessible despite juggling tons of clients. I loved writing my book and watching it get published.  But I adored having Betsy by my side throughout the process."
   - Molly Grantham, Author of Small Victories,  Miss Meade Publishing, 2018, and WBTV News Anchor

"I've been a writer/journalist for 45 years, but Betsy helped me considerably when I was moving into a new genre. Her edits and suggestions were spot-on."
   - Jack McCallum, "Sports Illustrated," author of "The New York Times" best-seller Dream Team.


“Betsy became a friend with whom I could trust to provide me with the best writing experience possible. Her level of excellence and experience helped me to overcome my fear of being perfect. I would recommend her to everyone who desires to write any type of book.”

   - Leonard Wheeler, author of Beyond the Locker Room: Developing Your Game Plan for Life’s Transitions

     Former NFL player, speaker, executive coach


"As I delved into the world of publishing my first book, we could not have found a better person than Betsy Thorpe to help us navigate the whitewaters of getting a good proposal to publishing agents. I have been trying to write this book for at least a decade and now am finally on track having just submitted a proposal to agents provide by Betsy Thorpe. Her expertise in the publishing business and her genuine interest and care for my goal of getting published was sincere and greatly appreciated. Her reviews and recommendations were spot on. I am sure I could not have reached the point at which I now am without her continued professional counsel and support. Betsy is extremely knowledgeable, well connected in the publishing industry, and very professional in everything she does. I highly recommend her to anyone who has any interest in writing a book."

   - Louis Csoka, PhD, author of When the Pressure's On, Spring 2016, Amacom.

"Betsy Thorpe – The greatest editor on earth!

I never intended to write a book, never mind publish it. With Betsy’s guidance The Aviatrix and Fly Baby are books I am proud to share. First, Betsy took a large manuscript and saw two books, not one. She turned my clumsy sentences into concise, cohesive paragraphs, encouraged details and explanations she knew the reader would be asking, taught me the necessary ropes of the writer’s world, and all in a way that made me feel as though I was a genuine author.

'Kim, when are you going to start your third book?' was a question she posed at the podium in front of nearly 100 people during the launch party of The Aviatrix. That’s the type of editor anyone writing a book needs to have."

   - Kimberley Jochl, author The Aviatrix, Fly Baby, WilfredLee Books,


“If you have a chance to work with Betsy Thorpe, all I can say is “don’t pass it up!”  People like me don’t write books, unless they run into someone like Betsy Thorpe, of course.  Betsy provided structure, industry knowledge and personal coaching to a process that is unpredictable, overwhelming and downright crazy.  365 Nights is a better book because of her.”  

   - Charla Muller, author, 365 Nights, and Pretty Takes Practice, Berkley Books


"After working with Betsy for over a year, I am constantly impressed with her commitment to excellence and her dedication to consistently assist me to improve my manuscript and writing. No matter when I send my panic email, she responds quickly and with the advice I NEED to hear. I am glad that Betsy is in my corner, and that I can call her a friend. I wouldn’t think of starting another project without her!"

   - Shenandoah Chefalo, Author of Garbage Bag Suitcase


“How fortunate I was to be connected with Betsy Thorpe as I set out to write my first book. Betsy's insight, direction and ability to pull from me things that I did not even know I could express helped me accomplish my goal. Her never-ending support and encouragement saw me to the finish line and with her help, I self-published The Mustard Seed Chronicles in 2011.  I hope to have the opportunity to work with Betsy again. Whether you are seasoned in the world of writing and publishing or stepping out for the first time, Betsy is the kind of person you want on your team.”  

   - Anne Cochran, author of The Mustard Seed Chronicles, and Project 120


“Betsy Thorpe is one of the finest editors I've ever worked with.  She not only helped me trim a sprawling opus down to two books, she also understood my characters and helped me make their story clearer.  In addition, she's provided moral support and insight into the professional world of publishing.  There were several times when I felt like giving up, but a quick email from Betsy always lifted my spirits.”

   - Julie Davis, Author, Harker Island Girl


“Betsy has a focused and analytically superb mind.  Her ability to edit and direct written material so that it will make an impact is first rate. I know this for a fact since I created Oxford University’s first International Affairs magazine, wrote many reports for clients expecting the highest professional standards, and now have books published both in Sweden and in the US.  In a highly individualistic world, it can sometimes be difficult to find people who are truly prepared to invest their energy in being a part of a professional working team. Betsy is one of these rare people. She can manage this long distance or in the same room.  I recommend Betsy without reservation.”

   - Julie Catterson-Lindahl, author, On My Swedish Island, Tarcher/Penguin.


"Betsy Thorpe is the total professional editor. She is not afraid to be critical and does so with numerous suggestions and examples. Her experience in publishing and her writing skills greatly improved my work. I would not hesitate to use her again and have recommended her to numerous other aspiring writers."

   - Kevin Soden, MD, published author, former Today Show medical editor


“If you are considering how to maximize your time, minimize your dollars spent and turn out a perfectly orchestrated piece of literature, then Betsy Thorpe is your answer.  Betsy extracts your creative genius and wraps your ideas into a well crafted document that beautifully captures exactly what an author wants to say.  Betsy is one of those extraordinary people who listens and turns your brilliance into works of art.  I intend to have her working with me on all of my projects.  Betsy has given me the keys to write all of the creative projects that I want to write!” 

   - Jan Stringer, Strategic Attraction,


“Forget the expensive workshops and courses.  Just get to the writing.  Create something and make it your best. Then give it to Betsy for a thorough edit, and see how she carefully shows you what you are doing right, takes out what you are doing wrong, and outlines how to make the whole book work better.  Be ready for all that it will take to grow.  Do this a few times and you'll have your PhD in writing in no time... maybe a book too.”

    - Jennifer Arfa (nascent novelist)


"...Betsy Thorpe is efficient, resourceful, sympathetic, patient and sunny - even on the cloudiest of days. We’ve enjoyed many laughs, and she has been a huge support.”

   - From the acknowledgments of Susan Page, The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book, Broadway Books.




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