Is it one of your goals in life to be an author?   


Are you writing the great American novel and seeking critical acclaim? Or are you a business person who needs a book to enhance her reputation and increase speaking engagements? Are you a parent who has come up with a fool-proof method for getting your child to sleep? Or are you a patient who has survived a medical crisis and wants to write a memoir?  Are you writing a YA novel because it's something you've always wanted to do?

      Or have already written a book, but don't know if it's any good or not? Or you know it needs help, but you just don't know how to get it to the next level of polish. Or the thought of approaching a query letter with the work you've been polishing for years fill you with dread?

      I can help. I've been a book publishing editor for over twenty years. I started out in New York at many of the most prestigious and commercially successful publishers in the world. I know what agents and editors are looking for, and how to make a book read beautifully and look professional.

      There are now many ways to meet your goal of having a published book. While the pinnacle of publishing remains retaining a savvy literary agent who gets you a great advance at one of the five remaining big publishing houses in New York, there are now many other points of entry into the book marketplace. The trick is to figure out which tactic to take with your specific end-goal in mind, and not waste time and money on pursuing a path that is not right for your work.

       I have worked with writers on many different subjects with varying levels of experience  from all over the world - they are passionate about what they write and their quest to get published. It's my job to help a writer present his or her best work, whether it be to a literary agent or through self-publishing, and have the largest chances of success.

Above are just some of the books I have worked on recently. 

IF there's a common flaw in self-publishing, it's that books are published too soon. Experienced voices across the publishing world continually advise self-publishers to get help with editing, and not just copyediting but story editing too. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to properly edit your own work. But the siren call of the Kindle store is often too seductive. The urge to finish your first draft, chuck it through a spellchecker and release it in to the wild is often far too strong for eager writers to resist.


But resist you must. Not resisting results in your name being married, permanently, to sub-standard work which doesn’t show off your talents to their best. Do you really want, in five or ten years time, to look back on your early work and cringe? More to the point, do you really want your first act of publishing to result in the irreversible blotting of your copybook with your potential fans?


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